Maintenance for excavators working in the water

29 March,2017


Working in the water is among the common job sites for excavators. SANY offers customized excavators suitable for operation in water area, with special configuration for adapting the watery environment.

It’s worth mentioning that the regular maintenance for excavators constantly working in the water is quite crucial. The priority is the linkage of the machine, such as bucket and stick pins where the machine will lose the grease through the operation. Sealed bearings and lithium grease are the preferential solution. The lithium grease could resist the submersing in both fresh and salt water for one day. For the machines that are submerged or in contact with water for long time are suggested to be maintained on a daily base. Consistent monitoring of the bucket rotation and observe whether the pins are drying out of grease are also significant.

The frequency for greasing should also be increased, especially when the machine is undertaking the earth work in wet and sandy conditions. In some cases, the machine linkage from the bucket and stick pins would need to be lubricated two times a day depending upon the conditions. If the bucket needs stay in the water all the time, the operator shall constantly grease the joints manually, with once every hour at least being suggested.

Rust can also be a real issue with prolonged use around water, especially for the undercarriage. The grease-based formula can be deployed to reduce the corrosion, to protect the components.

Due to the concerns of cost, productivity, and expense of transportation, operators tend not to use long-reach excavators for dredging work in the water. In that case, the excavators and the matched barge are used more often, however, we suggest the set is equipped with quick couplers for easy change-outs.


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SY16C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV70-SSU
Engine Power
10.3/2200 kW/rpm
Standard Bucket
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV80F
Rated Power
SY35U-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV88F-ESSY
Rated Power
SY75C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu 4LE2
Rated Power