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  • Heavy excavator's hydraulic components maintenance

    The accumulation of dirt in the hydraulic heavy excavators is the most common cause for the malfunction of the construction equipment, especially with the increase in pressure and precision in operation. It's necessary to be particularly careful, on the

  • 3-ton digger maintenance under high temperature

    During periods of high temperature and scorching summer, proper maintenance of a 3-ton digger is a common concern among operators, since extended operation in high temperatures affects the 3-ton digger's cooling and hydraulic systems.

  • Excavator tips in loading application

    SANY excavators are designed to deliver maximum power, strength and fuel efficiency in all kinds of job sites. Below are some useful tips to help you get the most from the machine when it is working on a loading job.


    SANY is committed to helping our customers work on or around their job sites, and returns home safely every day. Safety ranks the priority of our concerns, therefore, we makes all efforts to make our machines in a culture of minimum incident performance.

  • Let these safety decals help you better protect yourself

    There are two kinds of safety decals fixed on SANY’s excavators, textual and graphical. Textual safety decals use brief words to indicate hazardous situation and the correct measures for ensuring safety.

  • Excavator Tips for Trenching Application

    Trenching is a frequently used function for excavators, no matter in the urban construction or the mine project. SANY excavators are designed to deliver maximum power, strength and fuel efficiency in all kinds of job sites. Below are some useful tips to h

  • Maintenance for excavators working in the water

    Working in the water is among the common job sites for excavators. SANY offers customized excavators suitable for operation in water area, with special configuration for adapting the watery environment.

  • How to prevent malfunction of 8-ton excavator?

    For the equipment operators, the precaution before the malfunction is more important and causes much less cost than the maintenance. This is unexceptional for the 8 ton excavator, for which nipping the danger and problems in the bud is quite critical.

  • Excavator attachments specials: maintaining tips for rotary turntable

    During the digging work of the excavators, with the dilution of water, the lubricating effect of the butter in the cavity will slowly be below the standard, which will aggravate the wearing pattern of ring. In addition, the long soak will remove the iron

  • Fuel Oil for SANY Excavator the following points should be noticed

    Fuel oil is the blood of the excavator, which provides power for excavator. In order to ensure your excavator operate smoothly, the following points should be noticed.