SANY's Service Wins High Praise from Customer in Saudi Arabia

30 March,2017


 Interviewee: Ather Khaled

Interview Time: 19 August, 2016

Interview Place: SANY Kunshan Industrial Park, Jiangsu , China

Editor’s Notes: Ather Khaled runs a mining company in Saudi Arabia that possesses the mining right in Jeddah, a city in western Saudi Arabia. A large area in Saudi Arabia is plateau where the engine of excavator is difficult to start and the oil consumption increases due to its thin air, low air pressure and temperature. In addition, the strong ultraviolet light causes the components easy to wear, but SANY’s excavators have withstood the harsh environment and operated well.

Ather Khaled becomes SANY’s loyal customer after he bought SANY’s products two years ago. He is willing to attend every SANY’s promotion event to promote SANY’s machines as a guest speaker. “The reason why I choose SANY is not only because of its excellent products but also for its professional service”. Ather said.


SANY: When did you begin to use SANY’s products?

Ather: It was in 2014 when a new mining project started. The excavators we had were not qualified for the high-intensity work. So under my friend’s advice, I bought four sets of SANY SY235C excavators.

SANY: How were the four SY235C excavators? Was there any malfunction in operation?

Ather: They ran smoothly. But less than one month we installed quartering hammer of other brand to the excavators, 3 of them were found oil leaking on the quartering hammer pipelines. Since we couldn’t get in touch with the quartering hammers’ after sales servicemen, we have to contact SANY. To my surprise, by the time I arrived at the worksite, the after sales servicemen of SANY had already climbed on the burning hot excavator against the scorching sun, inspecting the leaking components and asking the operators for related issues.

Finally, I was told by the servicemen of SANY that the high oil pressure was responsible for the oil leaking as the quartering hammers did’t match with SANY’s excavators. The oil leaking emerged one week earlier, but the operators hadn’t noticed, thus leading the oil leaking even worse. It was estimated that many components need to be changed and would last long. More unexpectedly, SANY offered to undertake the cost for this maintenance, which touched me a lot.

Interview: It seems you are quite satisfied with SANY’s products and its after sales service?

Ather: Yes, I am very satisfied. Each time I inspected the progress of the mining, I found SANY’s service engineers working hard in high temperature. They replaced 30% components of the three excavators. No matter how late, the servicemen would test the machines’ performance on site. They also gave an inspection to make ensure the excavator in good operation, and instructed operators how to maintain the excavators. These engineers ensured the normal use of the four excavators with minimum time, winning reputation among operators. Even when other brand’s excavator breaks down, they will directly call for the servicemen of SANY.

SANY: As a SANY’s loyal customer, do you have something to share with other customers?

Ather: The 4 units of excavators still operate well after two years. The quality of SANY’s products not only stands the test of high-intensity work, but also the challenge of long time. In addition, SANY provides 100% service to customers in both professional ethics and attitude. I trust SANY’s products because they represent high quality, reasonable price and superior service. I recommend everyone to consider the products of SANY when choosing construction machines. At the same time, the components of SANY are also preferable in maintaining SANY’s machines in view of the suitability and safety. What's more, considering the stability and safety, I strongly suggest to use the original components in all products of SANY, to avoid the unnecessary loss.

SANY's Service Wins High Praise from Customer in Saudi Arabia


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SY35U-Tier 4i
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV88F-ESSY
Rated Power
Operaing Weight
Engine Model
Cummins QSL9-FR92967
Rated Power
1.5 m³
SY500H-Tier 4f(US)
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52500 kg
Engine Model
Cummins QSG12
Rated Power
298/2100 kW/rpm
2.2 m³
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Isuzu 6HK1-XDHAG-01-C3
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