Safe Rules for SANY Excavator Operation

21 April,2017


Safety is an essential factor in excavator operation, the working process can be more smoothly if you master the key of safety. The followings are some tips that should be noticed when the excavator is working.

1. Don’t dig rocks and frozen earth with excavator bucket.
2. The operating depth and width should not exceed the limitation of the machine. The safe distance between the excavator crawler belt and the working area edge should be at least 1-1.5m.
3. Check the working device, walking parts, safety device, hydraulic components and electrical devices before starting work.
4. Clear the big rock or barrier before digging. Avoid crushing rocks, frozen soil with bucket tooth.
5. Take protective measures when working in cliff. Be sure that there is no loosing rock or scattered rock in the working area, move the excavator to a safe place when collapse may happen.
6. Don’t start working until the machine body is steady, move and walk after the bucket leave the working area. Slewing brake, not steering clutch, should be used to make rotation.
7. When the truck is loading, the bucket should be as low as possible and should not collide with any parts of the truck. The loading should not be done before the truck is ready or the driver is in the cab when the bucket must cross the cab.
8. When the excavator is working, the bucket should not rise and fall heavily, and don’t collide with the truck and crawler belt.
9. The distance between excavator and electric wire should be strictly specified, the machine mustn’t be too close with the electric wire.
10. The bucket must fall to the ground when the driver is leaving, no matter the leaving time is long or short.
11. When the excavator is walking, the capstan should be in the back, the jib should be parallel with the crawler belt, the distance between bucket and ground should be about one meter. The slope should not exceed the maximum degree the excavator can bear.



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SY215C-Tier 2
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Mitsubishi 6D34TL
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Isuzu CC-6BG1TRP
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Isuzu GH-6HK1
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