How SANY SY75 win the sales champion of small excavator

26 June,2017


SANY small excavator SY75C is a star product of SANY excavators, which has dominated 30 percent of market shares for 6 years with total sales of more than 20,000 units sold to over 100 countries around the world.

The new generation of SANY mechanical digging machine SY75C has the features of high reliability, outstanding performance, safety and convenience, which can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments to make the mechanical digger applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting, breaking and so on.


High reliability

With advanced travel motor and optimized flow distribution system, the machine can work more efficiently by traveling at high or low speed as per different ground surface condition and working areas.


Outstanding performance

The Isuzu 40/2100 kW/rpm engine of SY75C, equipped with four cylinders, four stroke direct-injection, provides the strong power for the machine.

Configured with a quick return line to the arm oil cylinder circuit, the operation efficiency is greatly improved. The advanced main valve provides excellent coordinating and leveling performance in combines operations on one hand, and increases the moving speed of arm and bucket on the other.

Consisting of variable single pumps that provide a constant overall power, the load-sensitivity flow distribution system is of high stability and excellent micro-operation performance, offering a perfect meticulous process.


Energy-saving design

With the exhaust emission in line with EPA interim Tier 3 emission standards, the engine is environmental-friendly.


Auto deceleration system

With the auto deceleration system, the fuel consumption is reduced by 5-10 percent. The engine speed is lowered automatically to zero after only 3 seconds when the machine operation is stopped, and resumed to the set rpm within only 0.1 second after the operation is started. Reinforced boom, bucket and high-strength track frame

Besides the thicker side plates, the ear plates have also been redesigned to reduce the stress at the bending. The durability of the bucket is also greatly extended by using quality anti-wear plates with a thickness up by 33 percent.


Spacious cab

Larger windows of the newly-designed spacious cab provide you with a wider view, and the movable roof hatch gives the cab better ventilation and more lights. The control levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to human engineering are all within the reach of the operators, making the operation more easily and labor-saving. With excellent sealing-ring, the cab is free from outer noise, effectively relieving the fatigue of operators.

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SY75C excavator


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Operating Weight
Engine Model
Cummins B3.9-100c
Rated Power
SY135C-Tier 3(US)
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Rated Power
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Rated Power
Std. Bucket
SY215C-Tier 4f
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Cummins QSB6.7-C164
Rated Power