Use Working Modes to increase productivity, decrease cost

24 March,2017


Nowadays, the hydraulic excavators are designed with a variety of selectable work modes to match power output and fuel consumption according to the application. Selecting the proper working mode ensures the operator holds appropriate power and controllability for the task at hand, and also burn less fuel than necessary.

Usually, however, operators have a tendency to jump directly into the highest mode, for gaining the most productivity. It’s not taking the task into consideration. Constantly speaking, the highest mode not only burns more fuel, but the speeds it produces are not all the operators can handle.

SANY excavators are configured with four working mode, Heavy-duty Mode (H), Standard Mode (S), Light-duty Mode (L) and Break Mode (B). Selection of some mode during the operation offers the greatest potential for saved fuel, saved time, and gained productivity, all of which are based on the proper usage of the work modes.

Under the Heavy-duty Mode, full power output provides efficient operation. The H mode is strictly for operation that require maximum power output and speed such as heavy truck loading and digging in extremely hard terrain at maximum depths. At this mode, the fuel consumption is higher than any other mode and you are suggested to use it when there’s necessity to accomplish the task at hand.

Under the Standard Mode, 90% of the rated power is used, to reduce the corresponding fuel consumption and noise. The S Mode is excellent for general digging and excavation, and it allows the operator to find the perfect balance between productivity and fuel cost.

Under the Light-duty Mode, 80% of the rated power ensures fuel economy. The L mode only only save on operating cost, bust will also reduce stress on the engine and lead to longer machine life, while the operator need to be trained to use it correctly for higher productivity and quality through increased precision.

Under Break Mode, the engine runs at low rpms when the machine is not actively working. The lower the rpm, the lower the fuel consumption and the greater cost saving.

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SY16C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV70-SSU
Engine Power
10.3/2200 kW/rpm
Standard Bucket
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV80F
Rated Power
SY35U-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV88F-ESSY
Rated Power
SY75C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu 4LE2
Rated Power