The hottest SANY products in the “Belt and Road” construction

10 August,2017


There is an old saying in China: "if you want to be rich, build the road first." With the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China actively participates in the construction of roads and railways in the countries along the “Belt and Road”. China is building 13 roads and 8 railways with the cooperation of countries in Northeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

As the key area of the “Belt and Road”, Asian areas and African countries have a large quantity of transportation projects that need to be carried out, which generate great demands for the road construction equipment. SANY’s many road building products are well-received in Asian and African road construction projects. Some hottest SANY road construction products’ supplies even fall short of demand. Let’s have a deep insight into SANY’s hottest road building facilities.

SANY 13.5 ton small excavator SY135C
Trump card: flexibility and high efficiency
Involved projects: Sino-Thai international railway, Pakistan PKM highway

sany sy135c excavator

As Asia’s mega project, Sino-Thai international railway connects China’s Kunming to Thailand’s Bangkok, which is middle section of pan-Asia railway with the length of 1830 kilometers. It will become Thailand’s brand-new national railway. In May, 2013, Thailand and SANY reached a strategic cooperation. Thailand government purchased 170 units of facilities from SANY, including excavators, rollers, mobile cranes, rotary drilling rigs, pavers and truck mixers, among which SANY mini excavator SY135C won high appraisal from the railway builders for its flexibility and high efficiency.

Different from the traditional construction machinery that give people an impression of bulkiness and inflexibility, SANY small mechanical digger SY135C is small and easy to manipulate, suiting for operating in various working conditions. And the small size is also convenient for the small earthmoving equipment transporting to other sites. The SANY SY135C small digging machine’s ESS Control (ESS Control) and Hydraulic Control (HSS Control), equip the engine with real-time power match, improving the operational productivity and reducing the fuel consumption.

The electric control module has the capability of making quick response to the operating changes, so as to achieve the optimum engine performance. It’s fully integrated with sensors of fuel, engine oil, air intake, coolant and exhaust system to conduct real-time monitoring and auto-adjustment on the system conditions.

SANY medium excavator SY215C
Trump card: Energy saving, intelligent management
Involved project: Nigerian Abuja - Kaduna railway, Southern Sri Lanka railway

sany sy215c excavator

With the full length of 186.5 kilometers, Abuja - Kaduna railway is the first modern railway in Nigeria, connecting the Capital Abujia to the central state Kaduna. The railway cost 850 million dollar to build. A total of 29 units of SANY facilities participated in the railway’s construction, including 15 excavators, 6 pavers, 5 trailer pumps and 3 truck-mounted concrete pumps. SANY excavators carried out all the earthmoving work of the project. The builders of the railway gave high appraisal to SANY’s products, especially the SANY medium mechanical digger SY215C.

The 21.5 ton earthmoving equipment SY215C adopts the positive flow controlled hydraulic system, making the main pump’s displacement proportionally adjusted according to the signal pressure from the pilot stick and achieving a real-time match of flow in the system. Equipped with advanced technologies, SANY medium digging machine SY215C is not only powerful but also energy-saving.

The highlight of medium excavator SY215C is the intelligent management function named E-vision that is a platform based on GPS, providing equipment management, service support, market analysis and system settings to make sure clients can get facilities’ data at anywhere anytime. This function well solves the problem that machines are hard to manage in complex and tough working conditions. For this reason, SANY medium mechanical digger SY215C is one of the hottest machines that are well received in many transportation construction projects.


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Operating Weight
76200kg kg
Engine Model
Isuzu BB-6WG1XQA-03
Rated Power
377/1800 kW/rpm
Maximum Digging Height
SY75C-Tier 4f
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu AP-4LE2XA-S
Rated Power
SY16C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV70-SSU
Engine Power
10.3/2200 kW/rpm
Standard Bucket
SY500H-Tier 4f(EU)
Operating Weight
50500 kg
Engine Model
Cummins QSG12
Rated Power
298/2100 kW/rpm
2.2 m³